Can someone please explain why?

No… I can’t explain why the world has turned upside down, or why all this time at home has only increases your to-do list (and made it harder than ever to get through it), or why the internet starts acting like it’s 1991 at about 4:45 every afternoon… (Well, actually that one I can explain, it seems streaming Netflix is the new happy hour.)

But I specifically wanted to explain to our loyal and devoted customers why Bagel Grove bagels are in such scarce supply.

Many of you only ever saw the retail side of the Bagel Grove. Many of you were used to coming in for your bagel sandwich, or grabbing a dozen for the office or standing in line on a busy Sunday morning. What surprises most people, is that the majority of our bagels were baked and out the door before our retail store was even open! We used to have a booming wholesale business. Our bagels were in the cafeterias of dozens of local companies, coffee shops and all the local Colleges and Universities.  But as all the students and workers were sent home in mid-March, our bagels were no longer needed… and the wholesale business went instantly into hibernation.

Additionally, as with many restaurants, the shut down has many fewer customers out and about, and we felt that pinch as for sure.  So, we’ve worked hard to pivot the business to delivery, and shrinking our operation to bare minimum is hopefully only temporary. 

We are encouraged by our customers and the influx of orders for our dozen delivered. 

We will continue to keep those bagels coming as often as we can.