Bagel Grove Ships Nationwide!

Items we Ship:

  • Shipping Gift Baskets >>Click Here
  • A Dozen, 1/2 dozen or single bagels >>Click Here
  • Cream Cheese Tubs* >>Click Here *Orders containing Cream Cheese must ship Express (USPS) or overnight (UPS).
  • Assorted coffees, teas, and chocolates >>Click Here
  • All available items can be viewed and ordered here

How to Order:

  • Select items you want to ship**
  • Call us or stop in to order in person, between 9am and 12pm EST
  • Ask for a manager to place your shipping order
  • Have your payment option handy when you call or stop in!
**You may order items online, but you will still need to speak with us personally for shipping options and rates. Please select “pick-up” at checkout and add shipping details in the customer notes. Once we receive your order we will give you a call to finalize your order!

    Refer to the chart below for the best shipping options for your destination, UPS only

    (USPS priority is 1-3 days to all locations, but we do not guarantee freshness with USPS, as delays are common) BG Freshness Map