Cashier/Food Prep

All cashiers at Bagel Grove begin by learning to take orders at our registers and make our famous sandwiches on the food prep line. Other positions are available in food production and management for those who excel in the early weeks. We need, professional, motivated, customer oriented, bagel loving folks to come work with us!

Cream Cheese Production

We are looking for a reliable person to help with our cream cheese production. This position requires the ability to follow a recipe, manage inventory, and lift 30# bricks of cream cheese. This person will also prep other items to be used for the retail store including assembling gift baskets and platters, making lunch salads, specialty items, and sweet baked goods. A creative, motivated & reliable person is required to fill the responsibilities of this unique position. Self direction is imperative as the job is mostly self directed, although the tasks dictated by the business of the retail store and customer’s orders.


We have a team of seasoned bagel bakers who require assistants in all areas of bagel production. All applicants must have a valid driver’s license and be willing to work night hours ranging between the hours of 5AM-11AM. Driver only positions begin at 7:45 AM. We take great pride in our product and are looking for team members who will be dedicated to our company and willing to learn new skills.