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  • Day 4
    Palo Duro Canyon is my Happy Place Early on Friday morning I creep through the cabin of the RV with my dogs startled and delighted, leash them as silently as possible and open the door […]
  • Day 2-3
    Solidly Southern When it’s five pm and the skin on your back is still sticking to the leather couch, it’s clear that the trip is heating up in more ways than one.  Picture this, I’m […]
  • Day 1
    Ehem… Yes, We’re RVers Aaaaaaand… we’re off! After finally, finally falling into bed just after 2am this morning. This first time RV co-pilot, and brand new RV rental recipient, was up so late because the […]
  • Bagel-ing in the age of COVID
    Yesterday started out like any other day… There are five of us who open the shop together every day: a baker, a dough maker, a couple on the prep line, and someone to take care of […]
  • Welcome to 3am at Bagel Grove
    When seventy-two perfectly browned, shiny on the outside, promising soft, steaming, chewy crumb on the inside, bagels arrive at the open door of our rotating bagel oven,  It’s like winning a prize. We pull ourselves out […]