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  • REVEALED: The secret that’s not a secret
    Bagel Grove reveals our new conference & community meeting space and the bae-gal reveals some of the reasons behind changes at the business due to the pandemic and the changing economy
  • Change (s) in the air
    No matter how many times I circle round the sun… I feel a little differently about spring each year.(I think the March weather is responsible)I remember a year where I sat bundled up on the […]
  • A little tale of a little library
    If you’ve been to the Bagel Grove lately… you’ll have noticed we’re currently under construction. Even if you haven’t been in since, I dunno, the middle of 2020, you’ll have noticed some changes in our […]
  • Bagel-ing in the age of COVID
    Yesterday started out like any other day… There are five of us who open the shop together every day: a baker, a dough maker, a couple on the prep line, and someone to take care of […]
  • Welcome to 3am at Bagel Grove
    When seventy-two perfectly browned, shiny on the outside, promising soft, steaming, chewy crumb on the inside, bagels arrive at the open door of our rotating bagel oven,  It’s like winning a prize. We pull ourselves out […]